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AuthorCommits (%)+ lines- linesFirst commitLast commitAgeActive days# by commits
James A Shackleford691 (93.50%)33583220832016-03-202016-09-12176 days, 15:23:35711
Salika Dunatunga36 (4.87%)795053522016-05-232016-09-09108 days, 19:08:26192
Kenneth Chaney8 (1.08%)263642016-03-222016-06-0979 days, 13:21:5643
Rajath Elias Soans4 (0.54%)27602016-07-132016-07-130:35:1714

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MonthAuthorCommits (%)Next top 5Number of authors
2016-09James A Shackleford92 (97.87% of 94)Salika Dunatunga2
2016-08James A Shackleford337 (97.12% of 347)Salika Dunatunga2
2016-07James A Shackleford175 (88.38% of 198)Salika Dunatunga, Rajath Elias Soans3
2016-06Kenneth Chaney1 (50.00% of 2)James A Shackleford2
2016-05Salika Dunatunga5 (100.00% of 5)1
2016-04James A Shackleford23 (82.14% of 28)Kenneth Chaney2
2016-03James A Shackleford63 (96.92% of 65)Kenneth Chaney2

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YearAuthorCommits (%)Next top 5Number of authors
2016James A Shackleford691 (93.50% of 739)Salika Dunatunga, Kenneth Chaney, Rajath Elias Soans4

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DomainsTotal (%)
linux.com691 (93.50%) (4.87%)
drexel.edu8 (1.08%)
gmail.com4 (0.54%)
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